Site upgrade and other news

We didn’t post many news in the last few months but things have been hectic for us but it seems to be getting a bit more stable now.

Late last year our translator had to step away from the project and even though he’s back now his availability is still limited.

Besides those issues, we were also facing some problems with spambots on the forum and thus had to disable registration. Site has been recently upgraded and so has the forum and everything on our site is back to normal.

On a final note, we didn’t post many news during this time but the the project isn’t dead and we still mean to finish what we started and move on to other games after we finish our current projects. To do so we will be needing to reinforce our translator team. If you want to give us a hand and join our effort, feel free to apply.

So it all sums up to: site is back to normal, project is still alive and we’re still requiring translators 

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