Mirai Translations is a group of fans who decided to try to translate games with strong gameplay elements.

We hold no relationship to any major game company and our purpose is not to distribute copyrighted materials.

Our purpose is to provide patches to allow people who can’t read/speak Japanese to fully enjoy the games.


Wondering why many SRPGs weren’t translated, Orochinagi decided to do a simple try to translate the interface of a SRPG of SoftHouse Chara (Shinobi Ryuu) and upon realizing it was possible to translate all elements of the game, decided to ask for help and find more people interested in embracing such project.

After a short period, Naurlas promptly offered to assist in translating the game interface and part of the details of the game and both started discussing the possibility of doing more projects once these were finished.

On their search for assistance for the many tasks of translating a full game they came upon Sality who offered assistance in some of those tasks and thus the core of Mirai Translations was together…

The team

Orochinagi – Jack of all trades (image editing, text editing, understanding of game engines), webadmin, core founder;

Naurlas – Main game element translator, core founder;

Sality – Editor, core founder;

Several other elements collaborating on a per project basis (translators, proofreaders, QC’ers).


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