If you wish to see more gameplay heavy eroge from our team apply to one of following positions ;) Also check out Suggest Translation page, maybe there is specific project you would like to help with.

Hacker –   Pack and Unpack data. Mapping of game files. Image extracting and inserting. Did you understand what you just read ? Apply.

Translator – Essential to any translation project. We would require good knowledge of Japanese language. Always a place for you guys so feel free to apply !

Editing – Make that “Engrish” translators give you into proper English. Obviously high English proficiency is required. Also requires for person to be communicative as you will need to keep in touch both with translator and proofreader. 

Proofreader –  After Editor turns engrish into English someone must read it and check if it’s easy and fun to read. Work tightly with editor to make our releases fun to play. Requires English language knowledge.


Apply to any position you wish, but these are essential ones :

Currently Looking For :



Leave us a comment if you are intersted.

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  1. I am very interested in helping out but I’m not sure what I could do. I have no experience and my Japanese is only at elementary level but my English is decent. Apart from that, I am comfortable using computer and I am willing to learn.

  2. I’ll leave a comment here as well. I’d like to try my hand at translating. My English is pretty good, so is my spoken Japanese, I’m still a bit lacking in writing but I think I can work with it.

    (I also left a comment the [Blog]Recruitment thread.)

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